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All-New Volkswagen Passat Showcases Its Dirtier Side: Meet The Alltack

Jim Kem February 25, 2015 15:49

Another one heading for a full unveil at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is this new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. VW plans on having it on sale by September and all indications point to a European market availability, at least initially. 

This brings it to the newest B8 generation and goes on to compete with other D-segment contenders in the soft-roader wagon space such as Volvo XC70 and Audi A6/A4 Allroad.

The changes that VW made over the standard Passat wagon is most notably a height rise by over one-inch as well as a more softly tuned suspension to better cope with uneven terrain. There are more robust panels all around as well as more pronounced wheel arch mouldings to set it apart visually.

Engine choices come in a range of five, two gasoline – a 1.4TSI with 148hp or a 2.0TSI with 217hp - and three diesel options with either 148hp, 187hp or 237hp, depending on the tune of the 2.0TDI.

Standard equipment includes Volkswagen’s Haldex-based 4Motion all-wheel drive system to keep the power heading to where it’s needed most, and operates primarily as a front-wheel-drive system with the rear tires coming into play once grip levels get trickier to manage. A combination of electronic differential lock, ABS, and throttle and shift points, can be intelligently managed by Alltrack’s Off Road mode. 

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