Allianz Launches Their New Road Rangers Program

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Allianz Launches Their New Road Rangers Program

If you've ever had an accident on the road, you will know that it can be a lot of hassle to sort through the towing, the reports, and the claim process involved. Allianz' new Road Rangers program seeks to smoothen the process and help customers get through their accidents with as little trouble as possible. The new program adds seven new touch points for customers that seeks to dramatically reduce the stress involved.

Chief among this is a new 24-hour accident call centre. Trained operators are key to helping customers sort their issues out and to help co-ordinate other services such as towing or mechanic assistance on the road, and a good operator will also know how to keep customers calm. Allianz also has the Bike Brigade, which will be dispatched as first responders to the accident and will provide assistance where they can. 

Towing is also a major hassle as there are usually various tow-truck operators who will try to manipulate or extort you into signing over your car to their custody. Even in the case of provided towing services through either a car company or insurance, it's difficult to gauge what kind of tow truck you are going to get. Allianz has 15 new top-of-the-line tow trucks in their fleet and these will be used to ferry customers' cars to the police station and then on to an Allianz panel workshop.

But perhaps most dreaded of all is the claims process. Even after the hassle of moving the car and making reports is over, it is usually only the beginning of a lengthy bureaucratic journey to get damage inspected and approved for repair. Allianz has put in place a Claims Concierge service at major police stations which will help to expedite this process. This, combined with the Allianz Motor ODX Claims (or Own Damage claims) gives owners a repair cost that takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour- as opposed to the 5 days or more from before.

As final conveniences, Allianz also provides transport for customers back to their home (within specificed the distance) after the required processes are completed, and they are also willing to transport an owner's car to the location of their choice (within specificed the distance) once repairs are completed. This is a nice gesture that is far more convenient than it sounds on paper- usually after a frustrating few hours, it's nice to know that you at least have a ride home.  




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