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Alor Setar City Council Offers Free Repairs For Vehicles Damaged In Last Week's Storm

Gerard July 13, 2015 08:18

The Alor Setar city council will allow vehicle owners to make insurance claims with it for repairs after last Friday’s freak storm, where uprooted tress damaged seven vehicles at the Sultan Abdul Halim Expressway and Jalan Sultan Badlishah.

Executive councillor for housing and local government, Badrol Hisham Hashim, a special insurance scheme to finance the repair cost for vehicles that suffered damage during the storm is being offered by the council.

“Owners can go to MBAS’s office for further explanations on the insurance claims,” he said here.

Last Friday's storm saw seven vehicles damaged with uprooted trees falling on them. All the drivers and passengers in the vehicles were unhurt during the 11.40am. incident.

Sources: Free Malaysia Today, The Borneo Post

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