April Fools – Proton-badged Suzuki Vitara Brezza

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April Fools – Proton-badged Suzuki Vitara Brezza

If you have seen this set of images circulated around social media, and believed the claim that it is Proton’s upcoming Suzuki-based SUV model, nobody will blame you.

In truth, these pictures are fake, part of an extremely well done PhotoShop stunt. We nearly fell for it too, until a friend of ours from Proton R3 pointed out that the pictures were clearly edited from this original picture posted on February on an Indian website team-bhp.com.

The edited images were first posted on PhotoShop wizard Theophilus Chin’s Facebook page. If his name sounds familiar, he was the man who nearly broke the Internet several years ago when he posted an image of a so-called ‘leaked brochure’ for a Perodua Jaguh – a fictitious Perodua sedan.

Chin’s latest hoax, this time with a Proton, is so good that he even took the effort to replace the partially visible white car on the original picture with a green Proton Iriz, and even added road tax stickers on Proton SUV!

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