Are You Tired Of Irresponsible Drivers Plaguing Our Roads? Do Something About It


Are You Tired Of Irresponsible Drivers Plaguing Our Roads? Do Something About It

If you’re a regular driver in Malaysia, we’re certain that you have met many colourful characters on the road and some of them have even made your journey very memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

Selfish road behaviour is not uncommon to us here in Malaysia but often times, we just keep quiet or let it go because we believe that it is a common occurrence here in Malaysia. Look back and think, has any of these incidents ever occurred to you whilst motoring?

The Queue Cutter

The ‘No Signal’ Driver

The Road Rager

The Yellow Light Speedster

Familiar enough? As humerous as these videos are, it paints a good picture of just the type of drivers we meet on our roads. Have you had enough of these sort of drivers?


Allianz Malaysia Bhd is looking to put a stop to such irresponsible drivers with their “Malaysians Against Irresponsible Drivers” (MyAID) campaign that introduces the MyAID app, downloadable from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Simply mount your phone on your car’s windscreen and start the app. If you come across any errant driver on the road, simple tap anywhere on your screen and it’ll save the past 30 seconds of any incident. If you’d like to continue recording, tap the record button on the screen. The video can then be saved on the MyAID microsite to shame these irresponsible drivers and make Malaysian roads safer.

For more details, check out the MyAID microsite at




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