Audi Attempts To Cross As Many Countries On A Single Tank Of Diesel To Set A New Guinness World Record

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Audi Attempts To Cross As Many Countries On A Single Tank Of Diesel To Set A New Guinness World Record

Audi and the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) have announced that they will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record to cross as many countries as possible with a single tank of diesel.

The car that will partake in this quest is the Audi A6 Ultra which has a 2.0-litre TDI engine paired to a seven-speed S tronic automatic transmission providing 190PS and is rated with a fuel consumption figure of 23km per litre. Piloting the car will be journalist Andrew Frankel and Rebecca Jackson.

Audi is aiming to cover over 1,600km across Europe on just a single tank of diesel. The route begins in the Netherlands and will see the A6 go through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany and Italy towards the Balkans.

Of course, there are rules to attempt a challenge like this. The Guinness World Records stipulates that they must use a standard production A6 ultra and standard fuel. No alterations aside from the driving speed, tyre pressure and luggage weight can be done although they have left the pre-fitted spare parts in place. Compulsory driver changes will be done every 4-5 hours.

Audi engineers have calculated that the optimum speed will be 90 km/h with the car running on low rolling resistance tyres with air pressures of 35 psi at the front and 38 psi in the rear.

With a challenge like this, do you think that the Record Road Trip will be a success?



My first impressions of a dream car should be a ridiculous top speed with physics defying cornering capabilities, namely the Ferraris, Paganis and what not. Deep down, I just want something that makes you feel special when you drive it, expensive or not.


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