Audi Australia Launches Official Dash Cams; Coming To Malaysia Sept 2017

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Audi Australia Launches Official Dash Cams; Coming To Malaysia Sept 2017

Dash cams have become increasingly important car accessories, but they remain largely aftermarket items at present. Many new cars come with them now as standard or optional add-ons, but they are still mostly detachable items placed there by the dealership.

Audi now moves the game on with the release its own OEM dash cam, dubbed the Universal Traffic Recorder, as part of its official line of genuine accessories. The devices have quietly debuted in the Australian market, according to

Buyers can choose to either fit a single front-facing camera or have two cameras covering front- and rear-facing directions. The devices can be fitted in all current Audi models as well as being retrofitted to selected models dating as far back as 2013.

The cameras feature three operating modes – Standard, Event, and Parking, each fine-tuned for various driving and parking situations. Users can interface with the device using a specially-designed Audi UTR App available on both iPhone and Android devices. Functions on the app include live viewing, video gallery, and car finder function.

CarAdvice reports that the device’s internals consist of a full HD camera, radar, GPS, and G-shock sensor. The G-shock sensor detects sudden decelerations, which it registers as potential collisions, and triggers ‘Event’ operating mode, which write-protects the video segment currently recorded.

In ‘Standard’ operating mode, which activates when the engine starts, the device records videos onto an ejectable 8Gb SD card. Once the SD card’s memory is full, the device then over-writes the oldest unprotected data.

The device switches over to ‘Parking’ mode when the engine is turned off. In this mode, recordings are made whenever motion triggers its in-built radar.

In Australia, the devices have a recommended retail price of AU$745.00 for the single-facing forward camera and AU$845.00 for front- and rear-facing camera set. The price includes full wiring set, adhesives, operating instructions, cable ties, and foam grommets. has confirmed with Audi Malaysia that the Universal Traffic Recorder will be offered in Malaysia and Singapore from September 2017 onwards as part of the company’s Audi Genuine Accessory (AGA) offerings.

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