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Audi Launches All-New 2015 Q7 In Vietnam, Malaysian Launch Looming

Jim Kem October 15, 2015 16:09

Audi Vietnam has taken the wraps off the new all-new second generation 2015 Q7 at this year’s Vietnam International Motor Show (VIMS). The new model comes with significant improvements over its predecessors, both inside and out.

We know the Malaysian launch of Audi’s newest flagship SUV is just around the corner. It was revealed to be next month in November, actually, and this recent introduction in a neighboring country only cements that time frame.

It will be sold in there for a starting price of 2.9 billion Vietnam Dong (roughly RM536k). That’s for the 2.0-litre TSFI model. The larger 3.0-litre TSFI engine goes for a higher price of 3.45 billion Vietnam Dong (roughly RM635k).

The 3.0-V6 litre engine has a host of improvements, offering up 333hp and imbuing the Q7 with a 0-100km/h time of just 6.3 seconds – very impressive considering just how large it is. Audi claims a fuel consumption figure of just 7.9-litres/100km and a 28 percent reduction in emissions (to 179 grams of CO2/km) compared to the previous generation Q7.

We suppose we can only wait until the all-new 2015 Q7 makes its Malaysian debut to bring you more solid information. 

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