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Audi Preps New R8 LMS For 2016 GT3 Domination

Jim Kem March 4, 2015 14:20

Audi’s R8 is one of those cars we couldn’t get enough of in the lead up to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. And while the road-going version is certainly deserving of all the attention, racing fans will surely be drawn to the other R8 that’s gracing the show floor before rolling out into the world: the new R8 LMS.

Both the new R8 LMS and the road-going R8 on which its based share the burden of existence, with each outgoing models leaving very large shoes to fill. The previous R8 road car is one of the most successful cars Audi has ever produced, and the previous R8 LMS took home 26 GT3 Championship victories and seven 24-hour race wins over its production lifetime. Having that said - and much like the new R8 road car - the new R8 LMS looks to be a worthy successor.

Built to comply to the 2016 GT3 series regulations, Audi says it exceeds those requirements and meets the more exacting standards of the top LMP1 class.

The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 returns here to provide even more trackside harmonics, producing 585 hp and mated to a new six-speed sequential transmission that features an all-new electrical system. Optimizations made to aerodynamics and airflow as well as a substantial weight reduction of 25kg thanks to the lightweight Audi Space Frame and carbon fiber components all make this new R8 LMs an even more formidable competitor than it the car it takes its mantle from. 

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