AXA Affin Launches FlexiDrive – Telematics Based Motor Insurance

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AXA Affin Launches FlexiDrive – Telematics Based Motor Insurance

AXA Affin General Insurance has launched FlexiDrive - the first of its kind telematics-based motor insurance plan in Malaysia.

Telematics refers to the long-distance transmission of computer data which AXA Affin can use to better understand a person’s driving behavior and determine their motor insurance plan and premiums.

The system works by using a device connected to the car’s battery, it includes a mobile SIM, GPS tracker and accelerometer to send related data to a monitoring facility.

Using this data, the AXA FlexiDrive insurance program offers a Safe Driving Discount where customers can accumulate premium discounts of up to 20% for driving safely. In the event of an accident, an alert is automatically triggered and to inform and guide emergency services to the crash location, and the system also offers enhanced vehicle security and theft recovery.

AXA has also developed the AXA FlexiDrive mobile app to enable customers to view their 'Safe Driving Discounts', receive personalized driving tips, and even check their car battery status.

With motor insurance de-tariffication now in effect, AXA FlexiDrive offers Malaysian drivers greater control over their own motor insurance, enabling them to influence their own premium, improve driving habits, and keep their cars secure.

AXA Affin customers receive these added benefits at no additional premium, besides the standard comprehensive motor insurance premium.

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