Bermaz To Limit Sales Of Diesel-Powered Mazda Cars To Peninsular Malaysia Only

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Bermaz To Limit Sales Of Diesel-Powered Mazda Cars To Peninsular Malaysia Only

As you might have already know by now, 2016 is see Bermaz expanding its range of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia to include several diesel-powered models. Back in December, broke the news that diesel-powered variants of the Mazda 2, Mazda 6 and CX-5, will be introduced in stages starting March/April 2016.

Currently, Mazda Malaysia, a joint venture between Bermaz Motor, the distributor of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia and Mazda Motor Corporation, already assembles the CX-5 diesel at its assembly line in Kulim, Kedah, for export to Thailand.

The Mazda 2 diesel is also rumoured to the locally-assembled soon, but we are not sure if this arrangement is also extended to the petrol-powered Mazda 2, or the Mazda 6, which are now still imported from Thailand and Japan respectively.

When asked about how Bermaz intends to address the issue of limited availability of Euro-5 diesel that’s required by the SkyActiv-D clean diesel engine, a source at Bermaz told that the diesel-powered models will only be sold in Peninsular Malaysia, where Euro-5 diesel is available at selected Petronas, Shell and BHPetrol stations.

Due to concerns on the durability of the fuel and emissions control system when subjected to long-term usage of lower quality Euro-2M diesel, Bermaz will not be selling these diesel-powered models in areas where Euro-5 diesel is not yet widely available.

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