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BHPetrol Stations To Launch Euro 4M Infiniti RON97 Petrol In September 2015

Gerard July 1, 2015 15:52

Come 1 September, 2015, Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd (BHPetrol) will launch the Infiniti RON97 Euro 4M petrol.

The new fuel will be fully imported with double dosage of German additives at 800 parts per million (PPM) and will be available at all BHPetrol stations from the date mentioned.

BHPetrol say with the new Infiniti RON97 petrol which meets the Euro 4M standard will ensure cleaner engines, better performance and longer engine life as the fuel only contains 50 PPM of sulphur content. Not only does it benefit motorists, it does good for the environment with the lower sulphur content as well.

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