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BMW bids farewell to manual transmissions, embracing torque converters instead

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BMW bids farewell to manual transmissions, embracing torque converters instead

BMW is the latest auto manufacturer bidding farewell to the manual transmissions, with the M2 to be the last BMW with a manual tranny.

BMW has officially announced the end of an era, as the renowned car manufacturer will no longer produce vehicles with manual transmissions. The only remaining model with a manual transmission, the BMW M2 produced in 2022, marks the end of an era for BMW enthusiasts.

BMW M2 Malaysia

According to Dirk Hacker, BMW M Head of Development, this decision is not solely based on BMW's choice but also due to the dwindling supply of manual transmission gearboxes. As fewer manufacturers produce them, the future of manual transmissions is uncertain.

According to a piece written by Edmunds, when asked if the stick dies with this new M2, Hacker said this: “It's not only a decision of BMW; it's also a decision of the suppliers. If you take a look around, you will see the future for manual gearbox suppliers will decrease. So I'm not sure we will have the possibility in the future — but in the future means six, seven years in forecast.”

Toyota EV with manual transmission

Contrary to some speculations, Hacker also dismissed the possibility of utilizing manual transmissions in electric cars, which Toyota has opted for in their latest electric vehicle development. While feasible, BMW has chosen not to pursue this path.

In addition to bidding farewell to manual transmissions, BMW will also cease production of dual-clutch transmissions. Instead, the focus will shift towards torque converter automation systems. The transition to torque converters will enhance performance, surpassing the capabilities of dual-clutch transmissions.

BMW M4 CSL 2023 Malaysia

According to Hacker, BMW has already witnessed the positive impact of torque converters in their racing cars, such as the BMW M4 CSL and BMW M4 GTR. The company is confident that torque converters will deliver superior performance and optimize driving experiences.

BMW's decision to embrace torque converters signifies a significant shift in their transmission technology, ultimately influencing their stance on manual transmissions as well. As the automotive industry evolves, BMW is adapting to meet the demands of performance, efficiency, and the changing landscape of transmission technologies.

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