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BMW brings out the VISION NEXT 100 concept car

Aswan March 8, 2016 11:26

Concept cars are usually tend towards to the extreme when it comes to design and technology. By not assigning limits, whether in terms of regulations or production technology, it allows designers to go as far as they so desire. It gives them a blank canvas to see how certain ideas would work in practice- without the worry of having to make it completely production ready. The VISION NEXT 100 is no different, incorporating various ideas with BMW's core design philosophy. 

The car embodies both driving pleasure and autonomous driving, with Boost and Ease modes having different cockpit layouts. The former focuses on driver engagement, with a number of displays to help the driver pilot the car. The latter is an autonomous mode that stows the steering to the side and rotates the seats inwards to allow passengers ease of conversation. It's not an idea we haven't seen before, with both Nissan and Mercedes-Benz employing this idea in their concept cars, but it's interesting to see BMW's take on it. 

Apart from that, there are a number of design cues that are similar to models of the past. The skin that fits over the car seems to flex with movement of the wheels, similar to how the BMW Gina concept worked with it's flexible skin. Up front is an exaggerated kidney grill, similar to the 328 Hommage. It's a slick looking car, but highly unlikely to ever make it to the factory floor. But for now, the technologies on display can be an inspiration for developments to come. 


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