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BMW Gets Its Interns To Chop The Back Off An X7

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BMW Gets Its Interns To Chop The Back Off An X7

Despite German carmakers being seemingly stiff, there are times when they can surprise you. Volkswagen, for example, has always had something interesting to show at Worthersee - usually a product of their vocational school trainees. BMW always has some kind of April Fools planned every year, but this is something else entirely. Built by their own trainees as a sort of final project, it went from concept to completion in just ten months.

Twelve trainees were involved with the project, and this X7 pick-up started life as a testing vehicle that was due to be scrapped. The trainees were free to decide which direction to take the project in, and what a novel idea for the platform they were given. Most would try their own take on a sporty looking model, but they pursued the practical instead, designing this particular concept to take a BMW F 850 GS motorbike.

The bulk of the project utilizes carbon fibre reinforced polymer for the roof, bed, and rear doors, while the luxurious aspect comes from handcrafted teakwood cladding for the loading area, as well as various other touch points that show an attention to detail that rivals a full on production car - remember, these are just trainees. The hardwood trim is offset by the colour of the car - Tanzanite Blue metallic - which was inspired by yachting on the whole.

There are no plans to put this stunning vehicle into production, just as there are no plans to put that E92 M3 ute into production from April Fools just a couple of years ago. There's no real need for it at the moment, and while Mercedes-Benz has entered the pickup truck segment with the X-Class, we don't see any of the other luxury brands following suit anytime soon. Hopefully the trainees will be able to take their concept up into the mountains, as they wished to do, after the premiere of this model at this year's BMW Motorrad Days in Munich.

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