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BMW Group Malaysia introduces Millennium Welt dealership in Kuantan

Aswan May 24, 2016 12:18

Millennium Welt is no stranger to the BMW brand. Their commitment to upholding BMW quality and standards have netted them BMW Excellence Club Awards during the BMW Awards for the past 2 years, as a result of their hard work in their Seremban and Batu Pahat dealerships. With their knowledge of handling dealerships out of more major cities, they became the perfect candidate to handle BMW’s latest dealership in Kuantan.

Occupying over 28,000 square feet, the new BMW 4S centre can display up to 6 BMW vehicles in their showroom space, with 20 dedicated staff members. It represents BMW’s most current brand identity and corporate image, sporting an Isetta Café and Customer lounge, along with a handover lounge and a discussion area.

The dealership is located along Jalan Teluk Sisik, Kuantan. With the area contributing 150 vehicles to the premium segment annually and a potential 20% growth in the next few years, there is no reason luxury manufacturers should not be investing in developing their dealership network in this region. 

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