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BMW Group Malaysia teases BMW 330e with their #ElectricDrivingPleasure campaign

Aswan August 3, 2016 17:17

In the run up to the launch of the 330e (preliminary details here), BMW Group Malaysia is continuing their #ElectricDrivingPleasure campaign- highlighting the ways Malaysians can improve lives through innovative new ideas. Next in the series of films are the EcoKnights- a not-for-profit organization that has run numerous projects focused on sustainability and ecological consciousness.

This episode follows Yasmin Rasyid- founder of the group- and is shot by Paul Gan Yew Hoe. Followers of the BMW Shorties award may remember him for his 2013 film, 'The Boy Who Rocked The World'. As BMW Group Malaysia begins to introduce hybrids en masse, one can expect this to build to the same level as their EfficientDynamics campaigns that pushed BMW diesel powertrains just a few years ago. 

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