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BMW Group Malaysia Will Be Installing DC Fast Chargers At Every BMW i Dealer

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BMW Group Malaysia Will Be Installing DC Fast Chargers At Every BMW i Dealer

There’s no point having an electric car if you can’t charge it, and BMW wants to make sure customers can fast charge at their dealers hence will be installing DC fast chargers at all their i dealerships. 

With BMW Group Malaysia introducing the BMW iX xDrive40, iX xDrive40 Sport, iX xDrive50 Sport, iX3, and i4 eDrive40, there are about to be a whole lot more BMW products on the road that will need places to charge. In the case of pure battery electric vehicles, that means that charge times and range are ever more important, and bringing charge times down is especially important.

While we fully expect that charge times will come tumbling down with every successive year of electromobility development – yes electric cars improve by the year – the other way to charge more quickly is with Direct Current (DC) charging stations that significantly cut charge times down. With the introduction of these models, BMW Group Malaysia also looks to widen their BMW i dealer network across the country.

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At each BMW i dealer, there will be one of these DC fast chargers installed for public use, which helps to bolster the existing electric car and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging infrastructure that exists, as well as serve as a way to understand how best to implement these chargers on a broader scale. There will also be a few rapid-charging DC chargers for even faster on-the-go charging at a few select dealerships across the country.

This is all happening with BMW Group Malaysia’s partnership with GreenTech Malaysia that has stretched quite nearly as far back as the introduction of BMW’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Having confidence in electric vehicles requires not just proven reliability and performance, but also knowing that you won’t get stranded somewhere without a place to charge, or be stuck waiting for hours at a charge station because there are no quick charge options.

We suppose the next question then is will these DC chargers be open to EV owners of other makes or limited to BMW i owners only? 

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