BMW Makes The World's Largest Kidney Grille Seen Above Frankfurt Airport

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BMW Makes The World's Largest Kidney Grille Seen Above Frankfurt Airport

Not to be overshadowed, BMW made sure that its appearance at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was seen by everyone flying into the German city’s airport by creating an airfield poster that measures 146 metres long and 206 metres wide.

This unconventional marketing effort kicks off the launch campaign of the new BMW 7-Series. The 30,000 square meter poster is located right in the line sight for aircraft approaching the Frankfurt Airport’s north-western runway, giving air passengers a glimpse of what BMW has in store at the annual motor show there.

It isn’t only the largest poster in the world right now but BMW says it pushes the envelope marketing campaign methods. The project came together as a result of close cooperation with a large number of regional and trans-regional creative agencies, as well as local communities and citizens.

For the structure to withstand strong winds while being sensitive of local plant and animal life, an innovative assembly technology that had not been used before was applied. Despite appearing as a unbroken image from the air, the poster consists of 100 individual prints fitted together on an adjoining field of Frankfurt Airport.

“The new BMW 7 Series is the most innovative sedan in the automotive luxury class,” according to Stefanie Wurst, head of Marketing BMW Germany: “We want to underline this and emphasise the car’s importance to the BMW brand with this large-format, innovative form of advertising.”

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