BMW Malaysia's Interactive Road Safety Video Campaign Lets You Make The Decisions


BMW Malaysia's Interactive Road Safety Video Campaign Lets You Make The Decisions

This Hari Raya festive season, BMW Group Malaysia is using a unique method to remind road users to remain safe on the roads with an interactive YouTube video campaign entitled “Change: Is In Your Hands” as part of its BMW 360º Program.

Leroy Low Tiong Lim, the 2014 BMW Shorties finalist, directed the interactive video which is now live on the BMW Shorties YouTube page, allowing viewers to make decisions that have consequences attached to them. You can check out the video here (Kindly play on your laptop and turn on annotations for maximum effect):

“Safety on the road is very much dependent on choices. We choose the technologies that makes us safe in our vehicles and we choose how we behave on the road to ensure we are safe. This is the reason that the element of choice is key in this Public Service Announcement (PSA) video,” said Alan Harris, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

“Change: Is In Your Hands” is an interactive story experienced from the first person point of view of a parent in making decisions on the appropriate use of a child car seat (which can reduce the risk of death by 71% for infants and 54% for children between ages one to five) as well as maintaining focus on the road in a common daily scenario; all of which will lead to different outcomes and eventually conveying the message of ensuring responsible child safety practices is prioritised and to apply the right behaviour while behind the wheel.

By using the interactive features, the video promotes, educates and entertains viewers as they are given the opportunity to choose how the story develops to its end.

Harris said, “The focus of the BMW Safety 360º Program is to create awareness, conversation and action on the need for road users in Malaysia to practice better road etiquette and behaviour to ensure their safety on the road. As Malaysians celebrate the Hari Raya holiday season, we want to address the importance of the safety of our children in our vehicles, an issue that is very important and relevant in light of what has been happening on Malaysian roads over the last few months.”

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