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BMW Takes Us through the Nitty-Gritties of the New 4-Series, Again

Gokul February 17, 2017 13:44

We’ve seen all the pictures and read all the stories about the new BMW 4-Series which was launched last month, but it looks like BMW wants to show us more.

The company released a feature video yesterday highlighting all the new features, the reason behind the updates, the differences from one variant to another, as well as a few other details in order to make us understand why the car is the way it is compared to the outgoing model.

However, you will notice upon watching the video that the emphasis is mainly on the cosmetic changes and not really on the technical aspects, probably because the power output remains the same as before.

BMW have revised the suspension setup for the new car as well, where the Coupe, and Gran Coupe both come with stiffer suspension matched to advanced damping technology and an upgraded steering set-up which is claimed to reduce body roll and improve high speed stability.

That said, the new 4-Series is expected to arrive in BMW showrooms around the world later this year. 

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