BMW’s 10-Millionth 3-Series Sedan Rolls Off The Production Line

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BMW’s 10-Millionth 3-Series Sedan Rolls Off The Production Line

At the Munich plant of the BMW Group, something extraordinary has taken place. This 10-millionth unit is a milestone not many cars reach and cements the four-decade success of the 3-Series. 

In that time frame, BMW has produced a total of more than 14 million 3-Series in varying body styles, with over half of that being sedans, and the landmark unit that touches the 10 million mark is a BMW 320d finished in Imperial Blue. Production of the new 3-Series was only recently launched in July.

2015 BMW 3-Series (F31), Sedan and Touring

Plant Director at the BMW Group facility in Munich, Hermann Bohrer, commented: “The success story of the BMW 3 Series started here in Plant Munich and is now reaching a very special highpoint here as well. The fact that this landmark vehicle was produced at our plant is a particular honour for us and makes me very proud indeed of my team.”

The Munich facility is the only one to have had produced all six generations of BMW 3 Series and seen as a leader in manufacturing processes and advancements for all other facilities producing the same model.

Constant modernisation at the manufacturing level was required to keep up with the technological upgrades the 3-Series had received with each iteration, while also allowing customers to have a myriad of variants and customisation options to tailor their cars to.


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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