Bosch Turns Towards Electro-Mobility

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Bosch Turns Towards Electro-Mobility

Ever wondered how the future of mobility is going to be like? Most of us thought that flying cars were going to be next.

However, according to Bosch, it seems like the days of flying vehicles are yet to arrive and the era of electromobility is upon us.

The company just announced that it estimates that nearly 20 million hybrids and electric vehicles will be produced in 2025.

The company also mentioned that it regards electromobility as an area of future importance. For this reason, the supplier of technology and services is now setting up an operating unit specifically for electromobility.

The unit will be part of the new Powertrain Solutions division.

From the start of 2018, this will include the company’s electromobility activities as well as today’s Gasoline Systems and Diesel Systems divisions. In the future, therefore, Bosch will supply existing and new customers with all powertrain technologies from a single source.

As well as expanding electromobility, Bosch also said that it will work intensively on further improving combustion-engine technology.

With its new Powertrain Solutions division, Bosch said that ultimately, it wants to be able to offer its customers powertrain-related support from a single source, and to increasingly offer complete systems solutions in addition to individual components.

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