Bridgestone Launches Ecopia EP300 Eco Tyres

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Bridgestone Launches Ecopia EP300 Eco Tyres

Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia has officially introduced it latest tyre in the Ecopia range, the Ecopia EP300. The EP300 replaces the EP200 (introduced in 2014), and boasts lower rolling resistance, enhanced wet grip characteristics and more consistent performance over the lifespan of the tyre. The Ecopia EP300 is designed for use in C-Segment cars.

The EP300 has been tested internally (according to UNECE-R83 and R101 tests) and claimed to improve the overall fuel efficiency of a vehicle thanks to an optimised compound improves rolling resistance and enhances wet handling characteristics.

A redesigned crown shape, referring to the mid-section of the tyres, also ensures a longer life of the thread pattern by spreading load forces more evenly across the tyre’s footprint, in addition to aiding wet handling and reducing rolling resistance.

A deeper lug depth on the tyre shoulder of the EP300 is designed to strengthen durability and increase wear resistance. The new tread design provides better control of tyre deformation which in turn helps tyre life through a uniform wear pattern.

The Ecopia EP300 is available in 13 different sizes, priced between RM180 and RM450. It's worthy to note, the largest tyre of the EP300 range, sized 215/55 R17 is made available with a four groove design, instead of the three for the rest of the EP300 range to improve water dispersion.

Ecopia EP300 tyres are manufactured at Bridgestone's facilities in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 



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