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Bridgestone Supplies Tyres For The Lexus LC500 And Perodua Myvi 1.3

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Bridgestone Supplies Tyres For The Lexus LC500 And Perodua Myvi 1.3

What do the Lexus LC500 and Perodua Myvi 1.3 have in common? Both of them now have Bridgestone tyres equipped as original equipment, which goes to show how versatile the brand is with their application and product development. If a company can supply manufacturer-approved equipment on such a broad scale, you know it speaks volumes about their product range. 

In the case of the Lexus LC500, the tyres in question are are Bridgestone Potenza S001L Run Flat Technology Tyres. Run flat tyres are fast becoming common on luxury cars as they do away with the need for a spare wheel and tyre out back, along with providing owners with added convenience in the event of a deflation. The tyre itself is designed to be a balance between comfort and performance, which matches the characteristics of the LC500 nicely. The front tyres are 245/40 RF21, while the rears are a whopping 275/35 RF21. 

At the other end of the market is the Perodua Myvi 1.3. When it comes to mass-market cars, tyre selection is a little different. Bridgestone produces the ECOPIA EP150 tyre for the Myvi 1.3, and it's fitted as original equipment. The strong points for this tyre are its balance between fuel efficiency, safety, and durability - all important qualities for a workhorse. The tyre size supplied is 175/65 R14 all round, which is more than adequate for this compact city car. 


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