Citroen Shows Its Fun Side With The Cactus M Concept, Headed To Frankfurt

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Citroen Shows Its Fun Side With The Cactus M Concept, Headed To Frankfurt

Citroen has shown off its new Cactus M concept, a vehicle puts a modern twist on Citroen’s Méhari light utility go-anywhere runabout of the late 1960s. It will make its official debut on the show floor at Frankfurt in a couple of weeks. 

The Citroen Méhari, where the Cactus M Concept takes its inspiration.

The Cactus M is what Citroen describes as an open-air crossover, much like the car on which takes inspiration. Its wings are moulded around the wheel arches for more of a rugged impression with its black all-around cladding, while it sits on Bridgestone Tall & Narrow tyres wrapped around 19-inch wheels.

It clearly was conceived as a leisure vehicle, evidenced by the open cabin, raised body, and upright windshield. In fact, Citroen cites surfing as a key consideration when designing the Cactus M. Passengers can access the second row of seats by climbing over the sides using the built-in steps on the left and right and the modular rear arch enables easy carrying of cargo for a day’s adventure.

Speaking of the water, the wetsuit-inspired seats are upholstered in waterproof neoprene and allows the entire cabin to be washed down thanks to special drainage outlets and water flow grooves built into the foot wells.

To help it tackle the outdoors, the Cactus M is equipped with Citroen’s Grip Control traction system that comes in four modes: Normal, Sand, All-Terrain, and Snow.

Powering the Cactus M will be a petrol unit in the form of PSA’s turbocharged 1.2-litre ‘Puretech’ three-cylinder. Power output here may vary but churns out 109hp and 204Nm of torque in the Citroen DS3.


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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