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Could This Be The New Toyota Corolla Altis Shown In This Safety Video?

Gerard March 12, 2015 15:24

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota played a video that demonstrated the various safety and driver assist systems on its cars. In the video, we see an animated Toyota Corolla sedan but this one looks a little different from the current model. This leads us to believe that the vehicle shown could be the facelift model for the ASEAN and European-spec Corolla. In Malaysia, we know it better as the Toyota Corolla Altis.

Should this be the facelift to the Corolla, we are looking at a redesigned front fascia which appears less aggressive with more subtle edges and less usage of chrome on the grille. At the rear, we spot a thicker chrome bar that links the two slimmer tail lights.

As a comparison, this is what the current Toyota Corolla Altis looks like:

Just last month, the company unveiled what is said to be the new Toyota Corolla Hybrid in China, the first ever in the range and the front-end design shares many similarities with what is shown in the safety demonstration video. Chinese media reported that the Corolla is powered by a 1.5-litre Atkinson cycle engine and assisted by an electric motor.

We’ll have to wait until it is officially but do stay tuned for more updates.

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