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Defective Chevy Cruze: Thai Court Orders Chevy Dealers To Refund Owners

Hans October 12, 2015 10:13

Six owners of 2013 model year Chevrolet Cruze had won a consumer protection case against Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) Co, Chevrolet dealers and leasing companies for failing to properly rectify their defective Cruze sedans, reports Thailand’s Bangkok Post.

In its ruling, the Thai Civil Court has ordered the affected Chevrolet dealers in Thailand to refund the down payments to the owners, plus 7.5% interest per annum from the date of the contract signing.

Several of the defective Cruze were leased. In such cases, the leasing firms must also refund the amounts paid by the consumers, plus 7.5% interest calculated from the date that the court accepted the case for consideration.

The report also quoted Narumol Mekborisut, head of the consumer rights protection centre of the Foundation for Consumer as saying, “This case can set a norm for society, showing that bringing a court case can result in justice, so consumers should exercise their right.”

However, Narumol also added the case had dragged on for too long – three years had passed since a petition was sent to Chevrolet Sales Thailand. 

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