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DRB-Hicom Introduces elite Card Loyalty Programme

Gerard October 2, 2015 18:08

The DRB-Hicom elite card is a new loyalty programme that has just been recently introduced, providing members with attractive rewards by awarding them with elite points when they spend with any participating elite merchants.

These points can then be used to redeem gifts online at www.drb-hicomelite.com. That’s not all because members who sign up will also benefit from special privileges like concierge and emergency roadside services to name a few.  

As an introductory promotion, those who are interested are encouraged to visit the DRB-Hicom elite card booth at the Alami Proton Carnival 2015 this weekend (3-4 October from 10am to 7pm), where new signups, including registered Proton customers, will receive a bonus of 300 elite points. This offer is only valid during the event weekend.

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