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Dreams Can Drive Weekly Prize Winners Won RM1000!

Jenilyn February 18, 2016 12:59

Who would have thought that searching for a car could actually win you RM1,000 cash? Well, for Karan Chhabra, Sean Lim and Asnah Binti Munani it was indeed a dream come true when they were selected as Carlist.my's Dreams Can Drive weekly winners.

"I was actually looking for a car but I checked out and test drove a Proton Alza instead as I am looking for something that has enough boot space to hold items. It was actually through Carlist.my that I understand the range of car prices. It is an easy website for car buyers to compare prices," said the 27 year-old, Karan.

The contestants were thrilled to receive their winnings from Carlist.my and hope that the site would run more contests for its loyal followers. "I definitely will join again and even recommend it to my friends and family as it is an authentic and recognised website. The site is very trustworthy and systematically arranged," said Perak native, Sean.

Asnah is thrilled with her prize and intend to use it on her new car which she just purchased. Stay tuned for the announcement of the RM25,000 down payment grand prize winner, which we will be announcing soon. 

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