Experience The Fun And Immersive Ford Pop-Up Store This Month, Plus Savings Up to RM19,830

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Experience The Fun And Immersive Ford Pop-Up Store This Month, Plus Savings Up to RM19,830

Since the opening of the first pop-up store in Subang, Selangor, and subsequently two other stores in Penang and Kota Bahru, over 3,000 participants have experienced the Ford Ranger’s smart and safe driver-assist technologies in a new, unique and immersive experience.

The Ford Pop-Up store features a virtual reality (VR) environment that allows riders to experience the Ford Ranger’s Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning and Assist features from the driver seat of the virtual Ranger. 

A clearly impressed participant has this to say, “The Ford Pop-Up store was beyond the usual consumer roadshow, apart from meeting other Ford enthusiasts, I like how the immersive VR experience was able to show me how the Ranger’s safety features can assist me in a possible collision,”

In addition to the VR experience, customers can also take advantage of the ongoing ‘Seize the Deal’ sales campaign that offers an additional rebate of up to 10 percent on top of the 6 percent GST savings on the Ford Ranger, for a total of RM19,830.

The ‘Seize the Deal’ campaign is also available to the Fiesta and Mustang models.

Various fun-filled activities are also offered to participants with chances to walk away with exclusive Ford merchandise. 

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Siew Weng

Siew Weng

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