Ferrotec Investing In Malaysia To Make Semiconductors

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Ferrotec Investing In Malaysia To Make Semiconductors

Ferrotec's investment in Malaysia can help us make more locally produced semiconductors and upskill our local workforce at the same time.

Ferrotec (USA) Corporation has stated its commitment to invest more than RM500 million in Malaysia as they plan to open their first manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia.

Ferrotec plans to build its facilities in Kulim

Construction of their facility is expected to begin in the next few weeks, covering an area of ​​8.13 hectares with a factory measuring 800,000 square feet in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah.

ferrotec Malaysia

International Trade and Industry Minister Azmin Ali said the global company which is also a supplier of component materials, precision systems and a leader in quartz fabrication for the semiconductor industry worldwide, is also committed to creating 250 to 500 high-skilled jobs for Malaysians.

"They are also committed to assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia in building the supply chain and ecosystem of the semiconductor industry," said Azmin.

Ferroetc Malaysia

Azmin also suggested that Ferrotec will train Malaysian workers, especially at facilities based in the US or Japan, by involving students or Malaysians with professional status residing in the two countries.

How does their investment benefit us?

"This is a very encouraging development where the company not only wants to bring investment to Malaysia but at the same time wants to see Malaysia continue to thrive in new technologies by involving local companies, especially SMEs," said the minister.

Ferrotec Malaysia

According to Ferrotec Corporation's website, they make semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as many other automotive-related products, including laser radar, head-up display, and various types of Peltier coolers, including ones for EVs.

Kickstart more local companies to manufacture semiconductors


It's interesting that Ferroetc makes semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This can probably help more companies locally to start making semiconductors to help with the global shortage both locally and worldwide. 

When the local workforce gets trained on how to create and manufacture these types of products and technologies, it will only increase the knowledge and skill of our local workforce, which in turn will benefit our automotive industry in the long run. 

By having the products locally produced, it could also be beneficial to our local vehicle manufacturers as they can source automobile technologies locally, which will help equip local cars with better equipment. 

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