Finally, Subaru is Now Known as Subaru

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Finally, Subaru is Now Known as Subaru

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the company that has been manufacturing Subarus all this while has finally changed its company name to Subaru Corporation with effect from April 1st.

To mark the change, a renaming ceremony was held last week for employees at the company’s Head Office in Ebisu and also at three other domestic facilities.

To add more excitement to the whole occasion, the new Impreza and a life-sized scale model of the 412EPI helicopter (built by the company) were displayed at the Head Office ceremony to symbolize Subaru’s commitment to growth as a distinctive global brand in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Last but not the least, commemorative leaflets and newly produced group collar pins were distributed to employees.

FHI President and CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga commented, “This change in company name declares Subaru’s determination to thrive as a brand that delivers value. When customers are satisfied, we see happy faces. We want to encourage even more smiles and create even more Subaru fans. Together with the new company name, let’s all make the Subaru team shine brighter”

“Based on our management philosophy of aiming to be a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon its customer-first principle, we will aim for further sustainable growth by magnifying our efforts to continue bringing our customers the distinctive Subaru value of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” which we have cultivated over many years.”

Besides the name of the group, names of companies affiliated to FHI will also change as mentioned below:

Old name                                                        New Name

Fuji Techno Services                                      Subaru Techno Corporation

Subaru System Service                                 Subaru IT Creations Corporation

Fuji Heavy Industries USA                             North American Subaru

Fuji Heavy Industries Technology Beijing      Subaru Technology Beijing

Fuji Heavy Industries Singapore                     Subaru Asia 

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