Five-Star ASEAN NCAP Rating For Honda HR-V 1.8V

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Five-Star ASEAN NCAP Rating For Honda HR-V 1.8V

The Honda HR-V (Grade V) was awarded the highest five-star rating in a recent crash test conducted by ASEAN NCAP. Other variants of the HR-V were given a four-star rating as ASEAN NCAP’s scoring methodology requires seatbelt reminders to be fitted for both the driver and front passenger’s seat before a car is given a five-star rating.

The HR-V scored 15.21 points out of the maximum 16 points in adult occupant protection, and 35.54 points out of the maximum 49 points for child occupant protection (four-star, 73 percent compliance).

The model tested is a Thailand-made HR-V Grade-E model with two airbags. Our Malaysian market Honda HR-V are locally assembled in Melaka but the same rating applies.

In Malaysia, all variants of the Honda HR-V are fitted with electronic stability control (ESC), or as Honda calls it – Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). ESC is another compulsory feature for a five-star rating but as mentioned earlier, seatbelt reminder is also a prerequisite. This minor technicality is the reason why the maximum five-star rating is not applied to all HR-V variants sold in Malaysia.

Seatbelt reminder for the driver’s side is fitted as standard but the same feature for the front passenger is only available in the highest specifications Grade-V model.

It should also be noted that the smaller HR-V did relatively well when compared to its bigger brother the CR-V.

The ASEAN NCAP five-star CR-V scored 15.46 points in adult occupant protection, 0.25 points more than the smaller HR-V, and 42.09 points in child occupant protection, 6.55 points more than the HR-V.

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