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Five Things I Want In My Next Car- By Alex Yoong


Five Things I Want In My Next Car- By Alex Yoong

Buying a new car? I’m only mentioning this because I hear there are loads of Raya promotions around. It’s also something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

It’s time for a new day-car for me to drive around my son and get the usual day-to-day chores out of the way. So with that in mind I thought I’d share the things I’m thinking I need for my next car.

Firstly, it needs to ride all the speed bumps around where I live well. So something reasonably softly sprung and with a short overhang. My usual car has a ridiculously long front overhang and I’m always scraping the bottom of it over bumps. Don’t you want something stiff and firm, I hear you think? Yes usually, but the state of the roads in Malaysia around my house lately has been rattling my fillings. My bum says to me that it’s time for something soft for a while.

Secondly, Bluetooth. I like listening to podcasts on my phone and I need a good Bluetooth sound system that plays what I want, when I want. It’s especially good for the long drives down to Singapore when I do F1 commentary for Fox Sports.

Thirdly, a four door sedan please. I’m not in the mood for a tight fit these days. Too much travelling means I’m always carrying big bags or water skies. I need to be able to put the seats down to fit more stuff in.

Which brings us to point number four. How about a manual transmission? I’ve not owned one in years and I think I’m ready for one again. Would be quite fun to practice a bit of heel and toe, don’t you think? I know it’s a dying art, but no harm in keeping it alive. Especially as my son keeps asking what it is and I feel he needs to at least learn how a manual gearbox works.

Finally, point five. I get really lazy when I drive. And I fear the manual gearbox will get a bit boring after awhile. So with that in mind, I know I will need a car with a turbo. Something that can pull away from traffic in any gear I’m in. Also with a turbocharger, it makes skipping gears and not needing to change down for a hill a lot easier.

It’s because of my impatience with traffic and getting in and out of the car for quick errands that make me want this. With city driving I hate having to rev the crap out of a car just to get it to move. Subtle stabs of the throttle suit me better.


So, that's my take on what I'd like to have in my next car. What features, additions, specifications, characterisitics, or attributes would you want your next car to have? And why?

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