Five Underrated Used 7-Seaters under RM80,000 for Your Growing Family

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Five Underrated Used 7-Seaters under RM80,000 for Your Growing Family

Seven-seater SUV and MPV models are available in abundance here in Malaysia, and there are some pretty decent offerings in the used car segment.

If you browse through or, the choices are far and wide. A growing family with a couple of kids or more could use that extra seating and space, especially if you travel frequently. Even with a slightly tighter budget, you can still find one that not only offers those, but also styling and comfort.

We're here to help you & below are five underrated used seven-seaters that you can buy below RM80,000.

1) Perodua Aruz - RM56k-RM72k

perodua aruz used car price malaysia

The Perodua Aruz is a very decent prospect when it comes to a no-frills and no-headache seven-seater SUV. You can still get a brand-new model priced from RM73k to RM78k, but if you're not planning on being on the waiting list, a used unit can solve that issue with ease while helping to save some money in the bank.

Visit the largest listings for used Perodua Aruz here. For the most transparent pricing & a complimentary 1-year used car warranty, get your used Perodua Aruz on

2) Honda BR-V - RM55k-RM79k

honda br-v used car price malaysia

If you prefer a seven-seater that's a bit more urgent in terms of power, the Honda BR-V should be highly considered. While to fuel tank capacity might be slightly smaller at 42 litres compared to the Perodua Aruz at 45 litres, its 223-litre boot space is slightly larger by 10 litres (also compared to the Aruz) when all the seats are up.

With a 1.5-litre SOHC i-VTEC 2NR-VE engine, the Honda BR-V churns out a healthy 120PS and 145Nm of torque. Mated to a CVT transmission, this particular seven-seater runs smooth and doesn't feel like too big of a car to drive even for beginners. Even a brand-new unit is decently priced between RM91k-RM98k.

Visit the largest listings for used Honda BRV here. For the most transparent pricing & a complimentary 1-year used car warranty, get your used Honda BRV on

3) Toyota Avanza - RM46k-RM75k

toyota avanza used car price malaysia

For the new car segment, the Toyota Avanza was recently replaced with the new Toyota Veloz. This seven-seater has served many folks in its prime, and there are several reasons why they're popular. Being a Toyota, it's relatively bulletproof in terms of ownership even with heavy abuse.

It's probably not the sexiest seven-seater on the market, but with the basics of care and maintenance, the Toyota Avanza will withstand the tests of time. A small budget to kit it up with a decent body kit and slightly larger rims should do the job to drastically improve its overall facade.

Visit the largest listings for used Toyota Avanza here. For the most transparent pricing & a complimentary 1-year used car warranty, get your used Toyota Avanza on

4) Nissan Serena - RM65k-RM79k

nissan serena used car price malaysia

Ah yes, the Nissan Serena boxy MPV and proud to be one. Being the only one on the list with a hybrid powertrain, the Nissan Serena is able to lug itself around town with ease despite being quite a boxy appearance in public. Then again, we dig it.

A simple search on the used car segment will show you a number of 2016/2017 models that are priced below the RM80,000 mark. Some of them might be slightly older with a fair amount of mileage, but that price point is a steal compared to RM150k brand new. The older ones might miss a few updates here and there, but deep down, it's still a Nissan Serena.

Visit the largest listings for used Nissan Serena here. For the most transparent pricing & a complimentary 1-year used car warranty, get your used Nissan Serena on

5) Toyota Sienta - RM54k-RM79k

toyota sienta used car price malaysia

The Toyota Sienta is arguably the most underrated seven-seater on this list (in our opinion, of course). Looking young and youthful, it wasn't a surprise when it won the award for 'Budget MPV of the Year' at the 2016 ASEAN Car of the Year awards.

Priced close to RM100k when it was brand-new, the Toyota Sienta comes ready with a 1.5-litre 2NR-FE Dual VVT-I engine that produces 107PS and 140Nm of torque. Not the most powerful, but it makes up with features like powered sliding doors, third-row seats that are comfortable for adults, and a host of safety features. It's hard to find any fault with this funky mini MPV.

Visit the largest listings for used Toyota Sienta here

How to use the to Find Your Perfect Car

carlist used seven seater suv mpv price malaysia

While the list for today only covers five out of the many, many used seven-seaters available on, you may explore other available options using the's advanced search feature to find your perfect used car.

Step 1 - Go to, hover over the Buy drop-down menu & click on the 'Used Cars'

Step 2 - Select your preferred filters (Body Type 'SUV' or 'MPV' and price range in this particular case) OR search for your specific brand/model

Step 3 - Happy hunting!

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