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For Only RM16, You Can Help This Man Repair His Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale

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For Only RM16, You Can Help This Man Repair His Crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale

How would you like to help a man repair his Ferrari 458 Speciale? No, not the one which recently crashed in Sarawak but this one all the way in Europe in a project called ‘The Dead Ferrari’.

See, this man had a little accident while driving the 597hp mid-engine V8 limited-production exotic on the Nurburgring where he crashed the car and left it in a pretty sad state. How sad? Try 210,000 euros (RM874,029) in repair costs. These photos show us the extent of the damage which is pretty significant.

However, the owner couldn’t come to terms that his 458 Speciale is totalled and destined for the scrapyard which is why he has set up a crowdfunding site here to have random strangers give him money to repair the car – 3.99 euros (RM16.61) per centimetre square of the car.

Why pay for a space on the car? Well, those who do donate will be getting something in return as well because they will have a chance to use the Ferrari as a canvas, uploading a picture on the vehicle’s hood, body, or bumper. Any picture can be uploaded and the revenue will be used to repair the Ferrari and making it an “art car” in the process.

Not only that, contributors will be eligible for a free entrance to the Ferrari Revival Festival and the opportunity for 5000+ people to see your picture every day.

To encourage participation, if 50,000 people do take part in this project, the repaired Ferrari will then be given to one lucky winner for an entire month, for free! That equates to a 1 in 50,000 chance of driving a Ferrari which is pretty tempting.

So, would you want to help out this man and perform a good deed today? 

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