Ford launches Built Ford Tough documentary series


There’s no better test for an off-road vehicle like real world conditions. For the past few months, a team of Ford engineers have been putting the Ranger through a series of gruelling tests- the kind that you would find in proper use of these vehicles, only taken to their most extreme.

Their tests took them across Thailand, from a construction site in Bangkok all the way to the northern border. It's definitely a new way to showcase how well a workhorse will handle the demands placed on pickup trucks. 


The Ranger was subjected to a number of different challenges: it had to take the abuse of heavy pallets of cargo dropped onto its cargo bed, tow massive loads through a limestone quarry, plunge into a wading pool in a 4x4 testing facility, and even endure a 6.5-kilometre jungle track for 24 consecutive hours.

Despite the occasional tense moment, the Ranger managed to push through these challenges in one piece. The documentary series will posted on Ford Malaysia's Facebook Page.  


Places more value in how fun a car is to drive than outright performance or luxury. He laments the direction that automotive development is headed in, but grudgingly accepts the logic behind it. Can be commonly found trying to fix yet another problem on his rusty project car.


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