Ford Shows How To Pack Things In A Pick-Up Truck Like A Pro

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Ford Shows How To Pack Things In A Pick-Up Truck Like A Pro

We all know that packing and transporting goods becomes a breeze with a pick-up truck, but how many of us actually make the most of the truck bed capacity every time load up?

Plus, a poorly-packed load can also be dangerous as things that are not secured properly can cause damage to the truck as well as others.

With that in mind, Ford Asia Pacific has shared a series of videos with a few simple tips on how to organise the space available on a Ford Ranger.

Titled ‘Packing for Utility’, 'Packing for Adventure’, and 'Packing for Work', the videos show how to organise and transport items properly for those who need to move household items,  for adventure junkies who often embark on camping trips, and for those who carry items for work purposes on a daily basis.

The videos don't only show how to organise things on the load bed, but also how to pack and arrange small and loose items, how to secure the load safely, and how to do these things neatly. 

So, the next time you come across a situation in which you have to fill up the space on your Ranger’s load bed, make sure you remember to check these videos out. 

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