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Ford To Have Majority Of Its Vehicles Equipped With Front & Rear Cameras By 2020

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Ford To Have Majority Of Its Vehicles Equipped With Front & Rear Cameras By 2020

To help drivers see around corners or past obstacles, Ford has come up with a few new vehicle camera technologies that could potentially help avoid accidents while reducing driver stress. 

The camera system is made up of two cameras, positioned on the grille and tailgate, that enables drivers to see obstructions in the vehicle’s path through the 180-degree view of each camera.

Each feed is displayed as a split view from the camera’s 1-megapixel sensor and ultra-wide-angle lens array. The vehicle, equipped with a tri-panel display layout, shows the driver whether the obstacle is coming from either side or straight on.

Once the vehicle speed exceeds 10km/h, the split view from the camera feed shuts off but can be reactivated at the touch of a button. The setup also includes telescopic jet washer to periodically clean the lens.

Thus far, this split view functionality was only available on the 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Ford Explorer in the United States, however the automaker has plans to roll out the technology to its global portfolio of vehicles.

They say it will be offered on nearly all Ford SUVs – such as the Kuga and more compact EcoSport -  around the world by 2020, and the majority of all its vehicles by that time as well. That means the Ford intends to roll out more than 2 million new cameras a year for use on the road. In the near term, however, front split view will be coming to the all-new Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy in the European market.

Camera systems like these aren't new to us. Mercedes-Benz, for example, employs a 360-degree camera in their higher-end vehicles, and you'll find the same in other top-shelf premium cars as well. Ford's 180-degree system does appear to us as a slightly more affordable system. One which they're looking to extend to all its vehicles in time to come. Good on them, we say.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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