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Four Aston Martin DB10 Prototypes Spotted During Bond 24 Filming

Jim Kem February 24, 2015 16:00

The streets of Rome were graced by some rather rare and beautiful guests recently. Four Aston Martin DB10 prototypes made an appearance as a stunt filming sequence was underway involving the cars for the upcoming 24th James Bond film, Spectre.  

While no actual sequences were captured by amateur video, it does give us a clear idea of what the as-yet unreleased DB10 will look like, reminiscent of Casino Royale where a near-production DBS was used for filming before its actual launch. 

The DB10 seen in this video also previews what Aston Martin cars might look like going forward. It certainly has a different, almost extruded aluminum, look to the body. We suspect that the design cues here will spread to other future models soon, and a blockbuster film is a great way for Aston to introduce its new look to the world. 

Videos via Marchetinno


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