Frankfurt 2015: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

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Frankfurt 2015: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Bugatti's Vision Gran Turismo concept previously only existed in the Gran Turismo video game series. Now, though, at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Bugatti shows off the real-life version of it that it built. 

When the first pictures of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo were released, there were obvious influences from the company’s previous car, the Veyron.

Bugatti did admit that this new design also has cues from its “future design language”, cues that could preview what the world can expect to see in their next road car, the Chiron.

As we’ve said, we’re curious to see how this car materializes in the game once it is made available for download. No figures have been released, however, but our guess it that it will be a very brisk machine indeed, perhaps with an engine that outputs close-to or higher-than that of the Veyron Super Sport’s 1200hp.

Feel free to browse more pictures in the gallery below.

Gallery: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo - Frankfurt 2015 -

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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