Frankfurt 2017: Audi Elaine Concept Is So Clever It Can Even Monitor Your Health Condition

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Frankfurt 2017: Audi Elaine Concept Is So Clever It Can Even Monitor Your Health Condition

Building on the e-tron Sportback Concept revealed at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Audi has taken the wraps off the Elaine Concept in Frankfurt, featuring an advanced level 4 autonomous driving technology.

Measuring 4900mm in length, 1980mm in width and 1530mm high, the Elaine, which is about the size of an A7 Sportback, is powered by a combination of three electric motors that produce 370kW of maximum output.

Capable of sprinting from naught to 100 in 4.5 seconds, the concept has an overall range of 500 km between every charge.

While exterior highlights include Audi’s Matrix LED lights in front and in the rear with digital projectors, illuminated Audi logos, and huge 20-odd inch wheels, the big news is what it offers inside.

Since it is a level 4 autonomous vehicle, it still has a steering wheel, a dashboard, as well as pedals but the Elaine uses Audi’s next-generation AI system called the 'personal intelligent assistant' (PIA), which is actually capable of taking over the driving task at speeds up to 130 km/h change lane automatically, park itself, and even fetch the driver once it gets summoned via a smartphone app.

Besides being able to drive itself, the Elaine also comes with Audi’s Fit Driver monitoring system, which monitors the driver’s health condition via a small device, and adjusts the driving pattern accordingly.

Expected to be released by the year 2020, Audi says that the Elaine Concept’s powertrain package is what will most likely be found in its future EV models. 

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