Fuel Prices Down This September 2015

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Fuel Prices Down This September 2015

Malaysian fuel prices have dropped for the month of September, following a downward trend from August.

RON 95 and RON 97 petrol have both take a 10-sen reduction against the month of August, with Euro 2M diesel and Euro 5 diesel prices also dropping 15 sen each.

The new prices for the month of September are therefore:

  • RON 95 petrol: RM1.95 per litre
  • RON 97 petrol: RM2.35 per litre
  • Diesel (Euro 2M): RM1.80 per litre.

Where available, Euro 5 diesel has also been reduced to RM1.90 per litre.

The Euro 4M grade of RON 97 petrol which is being introduced at stations in stages by several fuel retail brands follows a similar pricing to the regular RON 97, and is inclusive of GST.

Chevron has become the most recent company to introduce RON 97 that abides by Euro 4M exhaust emission standards, through its retail brand Caltex.

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