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GALLERY: See The BMW 3 Series Evolve Over Six Generations, From 1975 to 2015

Chris Aaron July 20, 2015 11:15

Courtesy of BMW’s latest photoshoot session with the new 2015 3 Series LCI, they’ve also got together the remaining 3er models, from the first generation E21, to the current-gen F30.

Here’s how the evolution of the benchmark sports sedan has taken shape, from 1975 to this date.

TIP: The gallery below has images that are laid out to show each angle of the car progress through the six generations. Face to face, grille to grille, interior to interior.

Here's a brief look at the contenders:

1st Generation: E21 (1975)

2nd Generation: E30 (1982)

3rd Generation: E36 (1991)

4th Generation: E46 (1998)

5th Generation: E90 (2005)

6th Generation: F30 (2012)

For more details on the current-gen (6th) F30 3 Series LCI, visit these:

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BMW 3 Series Evolution Over The Six Generations Gallery

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