GE15: Anwar Ibrahim questioned over his use of lavish transportation

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GE15: Anwar Ibrahim questioned over his use of lavish transportation

PKR President Anwar Ibrahim questioned about his use of a helicopter and expensive cars while campaigning.

 With election day being just around the corner, many candidates and their activities are starting to be scrutinised, where even their mode of transport is being analysed and reported in the media.

The most recent gossip to come out of the election circus was the fact that PKR President, Anwar Ibrahim took a helicopter rather than a car to get to one of his destinations.

Anwar Ibrahim uses helicopter GE15 election

According to The Star, the urgent need to reach his destination faster in the campaign trail prompted PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to use a helicopter.

Anwar said to the daily that if he didn't use a helicopter, he would not have reached his destination in time. He continued by saying that "at least  he didn't steal any money", defending his actions for using a helicopter.

Anwar Ibrahim BMW

Photo credit: TikTok

The report in The Star continued on by stating that some of his critics have also mentioned that he uses "expensive cars" when campaigning, but as usual, Anwar had an answer for that too!

"I did not rent it. The owner, who is from Shah Alam, told me that since I will be going everywhere, even to Perlis, I can use the vehicle, but please return it back on Nov 20".

"I am not a hypocrite like some ministers here.In Kuala Lumpur, he uses expensive cars, but when he returns to Kelantan, he uses Proton Saga," added Anwar, without mentioning names.

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