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Get Behind The (Virtual) Wheel Of Your Favorite Fast And Furious Cars, For Free

Jim Kem March 30, 2015 13:14

The success of the Fast & Furious franchise has been the subject of debate for film scholars everywhere. It’s actually pretty simple: we like fast cars, driven to the extreme by an equally extreme crew of protagonists. Which is why that recipe mixed in with an already excellent video game is so tantalizing. 

Microsoft and its Turn 10 Studios are coming to your rescue if you’ve ever harboured the daydream of living the adventures that Dom Torreto and his buddies have on a quite regular basis, with an expansion to the popular Forza Horizon 2 video game that, oddly and wonderfully, is available as a free download and does not require the ownership of the full game to work.

Like the full game, this pseudo-expansion is set in an fictionalized open world version of Southern France where you are free to roam in a fast car of your choosing. Unlike the full game, however, you are limited to Nice and it immediate areas. There you will be guided by series character Tej Parker (voiced by Ludacris himself) through locating and ‘acquiring’ the necessary cars for the crew’s next big score, which will include at least 11 vehicles from the series that were recreated with painstaking attention to detail, as explained to us in the video below by Dennis McCarthy, Picture Car Coordinator for the Furious 7 film. These include the ’70 Plymouth Road Runner, 70’ Plymouth Barracuda and a 1998 Toyota Supra.

In game, there’s a lot of nudges to get you to purchase the full game, which is fair enough considering they’re giving away this huge chunk of game for the low price of zero. If you’re a fan of racing games and own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, this expansion is a no-brainer. Better grab it quick, though, as after April 10th – the original US release date of the film – you’ll have to pay US$10 for it. 


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