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Government Spends RM221 Million Annually To Rent Cars

Gerard June 16, 2015 19:29

A report from The Star has revealed that the government has been paying Spanco Sdn Bhd RM221.66 million annually to rent a total of 10,963 Proton cars for official use.

The private company is currently in a 25-year contract with the government to supply and maintain all the cars rented by the government which expires end 2018.

Currently, seven models of Proton cars are being rented with a monthly fee between RM973.84 to RM3,288.84 depending on the model. This amounts to a total of RM18.47 million for monthly car rentals, the Finance Ministry told Parliament.

The Proton models rented are listed below:

  • Perdana Executive 2.4
  • Perdana Standard 2.0
  • Inspira 2.0
  • Persona
  • Preve
  • Waja
  • Saga 

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