Heartbreaking news as Honda Malaysia confirms the unthinkable, no 2024 Honda Accord for Malaysia

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A sombre shadow has fallen over the Malaysian automotive landscape as Honda Malaysia confirms the heart-wrenching decision that the much-anticipated 11th generation 2024 Honda Accord will not grace our roads.

In a response to shifting dynamics in the highly competitive automotive arena, Honda Malaysia disclosed that the allure of traditional 3-box sedans, like the iconic Honda Accord, has been eclipsed by the soaring preference for SUVs, exemplified by the resounding popularity of models such as the Honda CR-V.

The reality is that the outgoing 10th-generation Honda Accord, a stalwart presence for nearly half a century, will bow out of showrooms by the year's end.

As we brace ourselves for this bitter farewell, it's not just the end of another car's journey; it marks the conclusion of a legacy.

The 10th generation Honda Accord stands as the last of its kind to grace Malaysian roads, etching an end to a nameplate that has held its head high for nearly 45 years. This chapter also marks the curtain call for locally assembled D-segment sedans, an era now fading away due to the shift in buying behaviour.

With this bit of news, gone are the dreams of those who would like to experience the refined luxury and performance of the 11th-generation 2024 Honda Accord on Malaysian roads.

The assembly lines of Pegoh, Melaka, where the Honda Accord came to life, will soon stand still, and when that happens, the silence will speak volumes, echoing the end of an era in local automobile manufacturing.

This shift also underscores a broader reality that the Thailand-made Toyota Camry, priced at RM 219,800, will stand alone as the solitary mainstream D-segment sedan.

Perhaps the Toyota Camry too will bow out in the near future, and mark the complete death of the traditional Japanese 3-box sedan in Malaysia.

The Mazda 6 sedan is still on Mazda Malaysia's website, but the 2.0-litre variant of the Japan-made Mazda 6, priced from RM 180,359, and the 2.5-litre option at RM 240,848 is an ageing model, only receiving various updates since its original debut here in 2013.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia, has already silenced the Passat earlier this year, replacing it with the more upscale Arteon, completing a tale of transformation that echoes across the industry.

As we mourn the departure of the Honda Accord from our shores, we're reminded that the wheels of change are ever-turning, leaving behind footprints that SUVs are now without a doubt king of the road. 

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