How Do You Know If Your Children At The Rear Keep Their Seat Belt Buckled?

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How Do You Know If Your Children At The Rear Keep Their Seat Belt Buckled?

Most modern cars today have seat belt warning systems that beep when the front occupants aren’t buckled up. However, this safety system is not necessarily found for the back seats and when we consider that most parents place their children in the back, this is certainly a cause for concern. However, an Australian company has a solution for this issue.

Picture this scenario: You’re about to set off on your journey to the store and usher your seven year old child into the rear seat and buckle them up. Next, you give them a toy to play with and you begin your journey. Mid-way through the drive, your child drops the toy onto the car floor. He or she then unbuckles the seat belt to reach the toy but forgets to buckle up again after.

You aren’t aware of what had happen because there was no indication that your child had unbuckled the seat belt. Should there be an accident, wouldn’t it have been disastrous? And even if there wasn’t one, if you have to continuously look at the back to check on your child, your attention to the road is compromised, inviting danger. According to a study by Monash University, a child is 12 times more distracting to a driver than a mobile phone

Enter ‘buckle me up’, a new invention from Australia that utilises wireless technology to signal to the driver should any child unbuckle their seat belts at the rear. The device attaches to the seat belt and notifies the driver via a dashboard-mounted alert unit if the backseat passengers unbuckle.

It is an effective, simple and retrofitted seat belt reminder and alert safety system, suitable when passengers in the back are most likely to be small children.

With ‘buckle me up’, the driver, likely parents, is less distracted by the need to divert their attention off the road to check if their children are buckled up and in the process, reduces the risk of injury or death of children due to unbuckled seat belts.




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